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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 17, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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and we'll give you a live look at the occupy cal movement right now. reportedly police have moved in and started to take down tents. we'll update you as the hour progresses. it is thursday, november 17th. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. it's 5:00. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> let's get your weather check with christina loren. telling us about the cool. what's happening. >> it's changing as we speak. we have drizzle. thick fog across the bay area. and the clear start we had yesterday is not the case for today. cool and cloudy and then the rain arrives. let's get you to work on time with mike. >> some folks finishing up their work. construction crews southbound
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880. 280 itself through san jose. that will remain until about 6:00. no major slowing. the cal state university system is making history. hundreds are walking out in strikes planned at two different campuses. bob redell joins us live at one of the campuses expected to be on strike. >> these faculty members are expected to start picketing in about an hour in a couple of major intersections that lead into the campus here at csu, east bay, in hayward. in spite of this the campus will be open today. potato are affecting quite the turnout. which means classes could be shut down. the campus is open for business.
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at the heart of this unprecedented -- they agreed on the raises for the academic years of 2008 to 2010. but they never paid. administrators say they can't afford to because the state took away so much money because of budget cuts. sacramento is expected to hold back another $100 million in the upcoming year. that's an increase of under $500. now a panel recommended they cough up the pay raise. the money isn't there. if they were to pay, it would mean cuts to the class offered to students. the faculty says it's unfair, especially since they believe the administrators withholding
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the pay raises are overpaid, in their opinion. the unions decided to strike at two of them. here at csu east bay. faculty members for the other 21 campuses are expected to travel to these two locations to participate. it's unprecedented general strike. jon, laura? >> thank you for the update, bob. >> bob just mentioned the tuition hike will be 9% in the fall. undergrads will pay $500 more on top of the current annual tuition. the board also plans to ask the state for more than $300 million in extra funding. that is funding that will likely be denied. a recent report from a government watchdog group shows that california is once again in a big time hole. according to legislative analyst office, the state is projected to collect only $300 million of
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the $4 billion added to the budget in june. if the forecast holds true, autd m automatic cuts will be kicking in. that means cuts to other services. the state department of finance will present its own report next month. oakland police need the public's help in solving the city's 102nd homicide of the year. anthony was dropped off at the hospital with a gunshot wound. the man who drove him to the hospital took off before thea call they could talk to him. it is 5:04 now. the santa rosa man accused of kit h hitting a 4-year-old boy in a crosswalk will stand trial. am judge ruling yesterday there's enough evidence against garcia to charge him with three
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counts. he hit christopher roe in a crosswalk and then drove off. the boy died the next day. the lopez was caught with the help of a good samaritan who spotted the car and reported it to police. the fbi is closing in on the bay area man on the most wanted triftd list. the agency released these photos of daniel san diego. they show what he would possibly look like now. he was featured on "america's most wanted." he may be in eastern massachusetts. the fbi says dlst a $250,000 reward leading to his arrest. he's accused of setting off pipe bombs back in 2003. no one was injured. but investigators say san diego may be going by his middle name, andreas. >> the green light to build
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several more charter schools. marla tellez is live with more on the decision, including the response from several school districts. >> right now more than 400 students, k through third graders atent discovery prep. it's one of fife rocket education charter schools in santa clara county. soon there could be more. last night the board of education approved three more schools to open in san jose next year. they oversee innovative charter schools designed for poor and latino children. the achievement gap separates the disadvantaged children from those more fortunate. this is how the principal of discovery prep seeing it.
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>> this is the first time that i've actually seen kids invested in their learning and driving their own learning independently. our kids know exactly what reading level they're at. one school will open in the allen rock district. two more within san jose unified next august. not everyone is excited. superintendents of sunnyvale, montana pleasant and santa clara school districts are threatening to sue. the thought is they should approach each school district individually to see if this is something they want within the district. if not santa clara county will be home to eight rocketships over the next year. right now it is 5:07.
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we have breaking news that we're following this morning. we want to take you live to the cal campus. where police raided the campus this morning. they ripped down tents and asked students for id. the pictures are coming to you outside of the plaza where they moved out all the occupiers completely this morning. so far it remains peaceful. we'll keep you posted as information comes in. a transportation office is being criticized. they failed to notify other officials that a technician was being investigated for falsitying records on other projects.
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he allegedly falsified tests and didn't check to see if his testing gauge was working properly. the commissioners say had they known the tests would have been redone before a steel tower was installed. >> right now it is 5:09, let's check back in with christina loren. an interesting buffet of weather. huh? >> yeah, it depends. some buffets you like better than others. down to a quarter mile visibility in novato. so basically wherever you're headed you'll encounter thick patches of fog and drizzle as well. those aren't the rain showers we've been telling you about. they don't arrive until late tonight and especially tomorrow. sunday looking the most active in the extended day period. you can see right now the
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showers are pushing into the northern portion of the state. lightning is firing off. this is an unstable air mass. the chance is slight. we'll be watching for it. here's what we're expecting. we stop the clock at 11:00 p.m. tomorrow night. showing you just how much rain we're expecting to pick up. maybe half an inch in the places that get the most in the areas north of us. we continue this clock for you. saturday, still not too much activity. but then sunday you see the yellows come in at 5:00 a.m. that's when it will get active around here. whenever we're talking about measuring rain in inches we have the potential for flooding. throughout the afternoon you'll have clear sky. we'll tell you when the rain starts to ramp up. let's get you out the front door with mike. >> good morning, christina.
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i'm looking at the bay bridge. there are reports of a staller on the the the upper deck. a very light flow. still there past treasure island. we'll get back to the maps the. no slowing on the sensors. on the right you have construction. highway 13. right at park boulevard. that crew will clear over the next 45 minutes. antioch, a very nice drive. typical reroute posted over there. >> we all know halloween may be over. there are a lot of pumpkins at the zoo to keep the celebration open. that feast starts today.
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elephants, tigers, bears and bab boons will get their grub on. you can watch feedings and pose for pictures at 9:00 this morning. >> now hiring. the company that plans to bring 400 jobs to the east bay. dozens of students jailed after taking their occupy protesting a little too far. y> and changing things up. on cite are city is going high-tech with the parking meter. sure, pulling the mold, mildew, and grime from
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out of the porous caverns of grout takes the right tools, but it also takes a gentle, caring touch. before you can deep clean, you learn to get a feel for its trouble spots. and hey, if you can't listen to grout, you can't truly know its wants...its needs...its dreams.
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♪call 1-800-steemer. welcome back, everyone. cops occupying sproul. police went in and raided sproul plaza kicking out the occupiers. they are outside of the area now. the police have taken down
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tents, and so far it's been pretty peaceful. these are live pictures coming to you now. you can see the police in the background there making sure that the calm remains. >> and closer to the weekend. that means the weather. and christina loren will help show us the reality of what's going to be happening. >> we're so close to the weekend. that's what is real. we're looking good this morning. we'll see rain and fog that we've been telling you about. i think the clouds and cold will be the biggest. you will probably have to use your windshield wiper. we're not seeing a lot of that. just really reduced visibilities down to half a mile in livermore. even driving up this morning i did have to use my windshield wiper.
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we will have rain shower activity coming down on top of us. just pesky showers, annoying showers where you have to use the umbrella to get inside your workplace, probably tomorrow. not the case for today. nothing heavy. we'll see periods of heavy rain on monday. if you want to make outdoor plans, do so late saturday. so maybe not even friday. just a little bit of action early tomorrow mortgage. and then we start to cool off. let's find out how your drive is shaping up with our own mike inouye. >> let's take you to the maps and show you what's going on
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here. the speed sensors look nice in the northbound direction. i want to point out this section in the middle. the southbound side, those crews clearing from parts of the construction zone. that's why the slow sensors are registering. i'll track it. livermore, 14 minute drive. smooth drive all the way over to the dublin interchange. visibility is down to half a mile. the fog and low clouds are hovering around. a live look out there. we'll show you what things are like at the bay bridge toll plaza. noes now. no slowing heading to san francisco. and a live look at the golden gate bridge. this is the fog we're talking about here all the way to novato, santa rosa and napa. back to you.
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thank you, mike. it is 5:17. the government is stepping in after internet scammers used google to trick homeowner ls. for details on that and the rest of your news, we turn to jackie deangeles live at cnbc. >> futures dipped down in the red. this came following a report warning u.s. banks take a big hit if the debt crisis spreads. traders say investors are on edge over any headlines across the pont. it's much more expensive for them to hire. the dow fell to 11,905. the nasdaq down 46 to close at 26039. the obama administration wants a
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double fuel efficiency to 55 miles per gallon. automakers are required to raise fuel economy from 27 to 35 miles per gallon by 2016. more than a dozen car companies signed on. consumers could save up to $5,600 in fuel cost over the life span of their car. but they would pay $2,200 more for fuel-efficient vehicles. and u.s. regulators have shut down several internet scams in which companies were paying google. more an 80 businesses are accused of duping borrowers. it renews questions about the massive ad network. >> police say 95 occupy protesters were arrested after
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storming a san francisco bay police say they climbed on furniture and set up a tent inside. police say many arrested were uc students protesting fee increases and budget cuts. all were taken to jail, cited and released. new jobs are coming to the east bay. >> you should know general electric is part owner of nbc and this tv station. >> walnut creek is saying good-bye to pay stations and hello to high-tech parking meters. the city is set to install 1,000 meters in the downtown area. they'll accept coins, credit
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cards and cell phones. officials say the meters are cheaper than pay stations. they should begin popping up with all of them in place by the end of the year. it's 5:20. coming up, a security breech leaves to private information of millions of people compromised. we'll have details next. an offer of a free wal-mart gift card may have come in your e-mail. is it real? we'll look coming up.
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we're bringing you live pictures from new york as the occupy movement continues across the country. as you see here large crowds gathering in new york city. we understand police are
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checking i.d. of some of the businesses there. business people going into the building to make sure they are, in fact, business people that should be going into the businesses that they are and not the occupiers that continue to take over the street this is morning. also, activity here on cal's campus. we'll bring you developments there coming up. an alleged gang member facing life in prison after trying to kill an undercover fremont police officer. 21-year-old shot officer todd young. his lawyer tells the jury the compliant did not know he was a cop. but the jury didn't buy it. he will be sentenced on december 16th. your private health records could be in the wrong hands. the sutter medical association has notified more than 4 million about a security breach. it was on a stolen dpes top
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computer that includes names, addresses and insurance information of more than 3 million patients. the health records of a million other patients were on the computer. it is speeding up efforts the encrypt all the computers. the data on the stolen computer was not encrypted. you may have gotten a strange e-mail about a free wal-mart gift card. it's real. >> yeah, it's real small. it says you're entitled to a free wal-mart gift card. they settled the suit for $27 million. the store chain was accused of airing a secret plan with netflix in which they wouldn't sell dvds and wal-mart wouldn'ten rent movies.
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taking wal-mart's money doesn't prevent you from taking netflix. wal-mart will pay out $27 million. how much is that for each person? that is $1 oech. september the lawyers. the lawyers will get a quarter of the money. so it's not even a dollar for every person. we don't normally track out the coming and going of tech executives on the morning news. it's bad news for aol. they review for plumbers and house painters will go public, trading on the nasdaq for the first time.
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we'll talk about that in a few minutes. it's 5:26. still to some on "today in the bay." a major ruling in the prop 8 appeal that could determine if sax-sex marriages will soon start up again. and we have rain on the way. that's coming up. first where is scott mcgrew? that's the question. maybe you know. >> just walked by this. that's your traffic report for in the studio. and i have a look at the effects of the fog christina will tell i about think.owing. i think. we'll check it out coming up.
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for the first time ever faculty at csu east bay will be calling for a general strike fay. walking out on class.
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and santa clara county education leaders give the green light for charter schools in san jose. i'll have that story. plus why not everyone is happy with the decision, coming up. and a live look outside. the bay bridge. a little bit of traffic. christina will fill us in on the weather. good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. #:30 right now. i'm laura garcia cannon. >> let's check your weather with christina loren. >> finally we have some weather out there. not yet in our neck of the woods. we'll set your future cast in motion in a home.
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>> the rain is not here yet. you've always told us about fog. and we're looking at slowing in towards livermore. it's only 5:30. the this may be partially due to lower visibility. we'll consider na effective throughout the bay. it is 5:31. the investigation into the solyndra bankruptcy continues on capitol hill this morning. a member of the obama administration is getting ready to face questioning. >> today is a big day. secretary of energy steven chu will testify before the house energy and commerce committee. that committee, like all house committees is enjoyed by republicans. and the loans it got from the department of energy. he left the laboratory in the east bay to become energy secretary. and they will be asking him the
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classic washington question, what did you know, and when did you know it? what did chu know about the shaky finances of solyndra. as we talked about yesterday, new revelations solyndra may have been pressured to delay the first set of layoffs. >> thanks for closely watching it, scott. >> the first faculty walkout in the history of the cal state university system. and it's happening today. they are also planning to strike at two different campuses. bob redell is live in the east bay. one of the campus is set to go on strike. good morning, bob.
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within a half hour they'll start picketing. something that never happened in the history of csu. in spite of this, the campus will be open today. they are expecting such a turnout for the strike. they think classes could be shut down. the pay raises were promised but never delivered to the faculty. they covered 2008 to 2010. but csu never paid. the reason, administrators say they can't afford to because the state took away so much of their money. just yesterday the board of trustees voted to raise tuition by 9%. the same increase is under $900. that illustrates how dire the finances are. a panel recommended the administration cough up some of
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the pay raises. but the administration says the money just isn't there. and if they were to pay, that would mean cuts in classes offered to students. the faculty says this is unfair, especially since he believes the administrators withholding the paychecks are overpaid in their opinion. police in riot gear lining up near spruce hall where proprotesters set up the. two people have been arrested as police dismantle the tents. the encampments were reestablished on tuesday following an earlier police raid. >> a south bay charter school helping low income students is getting approval to build several more campuses. marla tellez is live in san jose, including word more cam pulses may be built in the near future. good morning.
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>> next year, in fact. good morning, laura. discovery prep where we are here in san jose. this is one of five rocket ship education charter schools soon there could be eight of these schools. the board of education approved three more k through 5 rocket ship schools to open in san jose next year. this is the umbrella organization that oversees innovative charter schools designed for latino children. one of the schools in san jose has an api score of 925. compare that to palo alto with 920. the academic performance index score ranges from 200 to 1,000. the cofounder of rocket ship education tells us their mission statement is every student can go to college.
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>> tutoring happens every day with students. like the academic dean who gives daily professional coaching and guidance to teachers. we have assistant principal guided reading, library. >> the board's vote means one rocket ship school will open in the district. two more within san jose unified next august. however, not everyone is too happy about this. superintendents of sunnyvale, allenrock, mt. pleasant and santa clara school districts are threatening to sue. the thought is rocketship education should approach each district individually to see if smst something they want in their district. if the superintendents don't successfully stop three more schools for opening, this means santa clara county will be home to eight rocket ship education charter schools by next year. live in san jose, i'm marla
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telless. >> i certainly like the name. taking off. a crucial ruling this morning in the ongoing legal battle over same-sex marriage here in california. the state supreme court will shoe an opinion on whether supporters can defend the band. the opinion is nonbinding and was done at the request for the ninth circuit court of appeal. now the court will use the opinion to decide if prop 8 can stan stand. >> good morning to you. it's kind of a cold start. a couple cities hit the 70 mark. it got warm yesterday. we'll see a little bit more storms developing. lightning is not out of the realm of possibility.
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the bigger component will be the cold, cool weather. looking good for today, except for when it comes to fog this morning. so thick that it's generating a mist or drizzle. it's thick enough to slow you down. and half mile of visibility in livermore. unusual this time of the morning. o onshore flow is increased overnight. first, let's see how the fog is treating your drive with mike inouye. >> the fog is not so much the issue as is the traffic for highway 4. we've seen speeds come down to 23. slow from just off the bridge past hillcrest over towards summerville. construction picking up in spots through walnut creek. diablo at the bottom of the screen, that crew has cleared.
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and we'll take a live look at 880. speeds are still just 15 minutes between 238 and the bay bridge toll plaza. we saw slowing earlier. i'll give you an update in a few minutes. new details about a man who tried to kidnap a teenage girl near the los gatos creek trail, is. >> and another sign u.s. troops in iraq will be coming home soon. detail unlve rt.
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c can welcome back, everyone. live pictures from new york city as the occupiers are taking over wall street this morning. police are actually, as you see on the screen, kind of herding them in to a cricketed area
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there. as well as police raiding occupy cal this morning in the bay area. it's another significant sign thousand of american troops will soon be leaving iraq. starting today troops can no longer send or receive e-mail. tracie potts is live in washington with all the details. good morning, tracie. >> good morning. they can no longer send or receive package mail from the military post offices. they are zapping all the zip codes for the military pos out there from their system. but after today it will be returned to sender. one more sign that the war is winding down. we have 24,000 troops still there. we have spent $744 billion in iraq. that amounts to $5,000 per
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second. interestingly as we start accounting for this more as it begins. $9 billion is unaccounted for. lost, missing equipment, things given to the iraqi security forces. over 100,000 ak-47s that the military can't account for. >> it is 5:4 #3 right now. after months t bodies were thrust over a 300-foot waterfall in july as they posed for a photo. the rangers have been looking for the bodies ever since. they made a final effort yesterday but found nothing. this is the first time the low water season has ended with a body still missing in the water
5:44 am
at the park. one of two two lawsuits filed against the nba and the 30 teams was lodged in the oakland federal court. the suit was filed on behalf of four players. the other suit was filed in minnesota. both claiming it was an illegal boycott. an italian closing giant has unveiled a controversial new ad campaign featuring world leaders in a liplock. they call the latest campaign ad unhate. one ad depicting pope benedict kissing a prominent muslim figure from egypt. it was removed after the vatican
5:45 am
threatened legal action. >> let's check in with christina loren to find out if we can shake out the cold, wet and rain and all the stuff on our car. >> we'll shake it off. but not till after sunday. there's more rain on the way into your weekend than what we're forecasting for today into tomorrow. in fact, the next system, the second one will impact the bay area. it's looking juicy. so sunday looks like your washout day. 38 degrees is your temperature this morning. so it's mild out there in some cities. throughout the afternoon, bring the jacket. you'll need it all day. temperatures only climbing in the low the mid 60s and upper 60s at the coast. creating big shower activity up here. this front will fall apart as it
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makes its way to the north bay. right now getting action in chico. we have lightning firing off as well. pesky showers to where you don't need the umbrella. you'll be annoyed by friday. activity will ramp up. but not by much. the widespread rain will keep you indoors. between now and saturday, not expecting major accumulation. maybe up to a quarter inch. that's when it starts to get dicey. 5:00 a.m. sunday all the way through 11:00 a.m. heavy rains capable of producing flooding. overall, cool and cloudy conditions settle in today.
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then throw it back in the closet for wednesday. thanksgiving day is looking dry and comfortable around here. a lot of people like to throw the football around, like our own mike inouye. >> i can throw it. the catching, i'm not so good at that. we'll look over to the south bay. i showed you slowing southbound earlier. now it's completely cleared. it looks like the crews between old bay shore and 280 have cleared the area. maybe a few flashing lights. no incidents here along the peninsula all the way to san francisco. still some low clouds hanging out there. not enough to be a problem for the view here. watch the north beiruts to novato and the like because of the low visibility christina has been talking about.
5:48 am
and a look at the bay bridge. a slow go for the east shore freeway. 19 minutes off the bridge. typical slowing for antioch. >> okay, big mike. i appreciate it. we're learning more about the gunman killed during a confrontation with uc berkeley police. the 32-year-old was a bright student in his first semester at the school of business. he was a self described computer nerd who had a troubled past. the university police do not know what travis planned to do with the loaded handgun he brought to campus on tuesday. officers shot him after he pointed the weapon at them. >> important information for people used to popular south bay trail. we have a new sketch of the man accused of trying to kidnap the teenage girl. police are looking for this man. they say he is hispanic. mid-40s. clean shaven. about 5'6" with a stalky build. the man was last seen driving a
5:49 am
small four-door station wagon. the man allegedly try to kidnap the 17-year-old girl sunday afternoon on lark avenue. she punched and kicked him before running away. today occupiers will celebrate with a teach-in at justin herman plaza. city agencies are reporting back to mayor ed lee. lee met with occupiers and issued a list of demands. he said the camp is a health and safety hazard in san francisco. police chief greg sur says occupy must play by city rules. >> i know everybody is subject to arrest. they have been for over a month. one of the reasonings is saying that it's unsanitary. >> after the meeting it turned into a bank takeover. about 100 protesters took over a
5:50 am
bank of america. police made more than 95 arrests. no one was hurt. the late-night crowd could soon catch a ride with bart. agency board members will meet to consider a plan to hire buses to run between stations late on weekend nights. a trial run is proving difficult to stay open past midnight. they would have to push the start to after 6:00 a.m. on saturday so crews would have time to perform maintenance. that would disrupt travel for people who work on the weekends. it is 5:50. coming up, an east bay city trying to give you lee way when it comes to parking. plus a local tech company robbed by its own employee. and congress considers a law that some say could break the internet. we'll take a look coming up.
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welcome back, everybody. we have breaking news to tell you about. police moved in on the occupy cal encampment. police went in around 4:00 this morning, taking down tents and asking students for ids as they moved them out. officers in riot gear sur rounding the plaza. on twitter we've seen police dismantle the tents and possiblily making arrests. >> an oakland city council member wants to give people wiggle room. they are proposing a five-minute grace period in oakland. they want to allow people extra time for shopping and businesses in the city. she said it would ease the parking issues.
5:54 am
the proposal goes before the rules committee today. >> it's game over for one employee who worked for the social networking gaming company, which created the popular hit farmville. keith brown was arrested on tuesday. the 21-year-old accused of stealing $100,000 worth of merchandise. he was caught on security video stealing a laptop, several computers and software. he is the first employee to be arrested on this type of crime. >> congress is saving hollywood or break the internet, depending on whose side you're on. it would require search engines to stop pointing to websites that offer pirated movies. if you're hollywood, that's a great idea. the you're google, not so much.
5:55 am
the law called sapa for short would prevent companies like paypal from processing transactions to websites that are accused of piracy. critics say it breaks the internet. it stops the internet from doing things it was set up to do. the company also runs a movie studio. can you spot the cell phone in this picture it's the new htc vivid. and the adult movie studio vivid sent a cease and desist letter to the foal phone maker. so they can't use the name. there may be brand confusion. they don't want htc besmirching their name. so the porn company was on the left. the cell phone was on the right.
5:56 am
still to come, the latest on the search for the person who shot at the white house. plus a new report today on small plain crash that killed a tesla executive. and our weather pattern is changing as we speak. we are tracking showers. we have thick fog. we'll sort it all out in your complete bay area weather forecast. i'm tracking a new accident in livermore. and we're seeing how this plays out for your 580 commute. it's causing a snag. we'll show you coming up. and we give you a live picture where it started in new york. the occupy wall street movement. police there in riot gear moving in. big crowds. you'll see if they pull back on this. trying to break up things happening on the wall street action. apparently they've been asking for i.d.s for people entering the building, making sure they actually work there.
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new this morning, police moving in on the occupy cal camp overnight. we'll show you what's happening right now. >> an unprecedented strike here. faculty walking out, effectively shut doing the campus for a day. we'll tell you what they're protesting coming up. and it is a big win for charter school education in santa clara county. but some key players are threaten to sue. and a live look outside from the south bay overlooking the pavilion. it is thursday, november 17th, today in the bay.


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